Chanderkhani Pass is located in the Kullu District at a height of 3,660 metres. It forms a way (pass) between the villages of Rumsu and Pulag to the well-known village of Malana, which indirectly forms a trekking route from Naggar to Malana across the Chanderkhani Pass.

Day 1

The season opens with trekkers hovering over mountains. Parvati valley and Manali are known old treks by Youth Hostel Association which brings hundreds of trekkers every summer vacations. One of the common oldest treks that crosses from Kullu to Parvati valley is the trek to Chandrakhani pass. We can find beautiful tribal villages on both sides. Writing on behalf of my friend, a regular trekker and old-time guide - Rani Habibi aka Ron. As narrated by him, he started this beautiful trek from Rumsu village - a beautiful village with old wooden beautiful Himachal houses one and a half hour from Manali.

Day 2

From Village Rumsu (Ganchalani) altitude around 2100 meters, this a group of 5 trekkers hiked up around 12 kilometres (4 hours) to a point Celanti. Put their base for 1st-night camping into the wild at the altitude around 9000 ft. The half-day left was spent hanging around cleaning whatever litter found en route trek and clicking some pictures around. They saw shepherds house as shelters and found wood to cook some simple food as the night took over. The stars shined and they spent the night counting shooting stars and asking plenty of wishes. Soon the temperature dipped to zero and the team decided to rest to take on the pass the next morning.

Day 3

The day to pass the trek felt like an exam. Clouds hovering all over, they still decided to continue the trek as Rani thought it's just cloudy and there would be no rain. The rest of the team went on with him from Celanti to Dadru reaching an altitude of 12005 feet i.e 3660 meters at stretch with very little stops the team trekked 15 kilometres( 5 hours). Putting base at that altitude is about finding lucky spots with good speed winds and plain land on top. It's often windy there. They found a rock in between where they could pitch their tents at the site. Dadru, where they rested for the night, has this small temple on the top and they prayed Gods above to bless them. Again cleaned up the area with whatever they could find. Their trips purpose and focus was to move fast, keep it light, very light bags with space to collect litter while trekking. It was windy and loud night till the next day arrived with a beautiful glance of a sunrise.

Day 4

At last, they reached the mystic village which is famous for its culture language which is different from all regions in Himachal Pradesh. From Chandrakhani pass, they started an uphill-downhill adventurous trek to Malana. From Dadru, Chandrakhani pass to Malana is an 8 kilometres trek, reaching the base Malana village at an altitude of 8000 feet. There were guest houses open in Malana, where they rested and the trek was done with good purpose and beautiful memories.