"A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. The fluviatile trees next to the shore are the slender eyelashes which fringe it, and the wooded hills and cliffs around are its overhanging brows." – David Henry Thoreau.

Abutted by the imposing Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley is a pristine blue-water lake called Prashar. Located at a height of 2730 m above sea level, and surrounded by tall cedar trees having stunning silence, this prepossessing lake is a glee to the eye and food for the soul . A trek to Prashar Lake follows a charming trail through a reserved forest, small rivulets and scenic pasture-lands. It an Odyssey that offers a breathtaking 180 degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Pinjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges. The true beauty of the road to Prashar Lake is revealed in Winters when the traveller in left enthralled by its charm. Bedecked with endless snow and fully snow capped peaks while facing the Beas River, makes one feel  being closest to heaven.

There are times when you just want to go for a hike for a few hours in the mountains and not trek for countless tiring hours to reach your destination. There are times when you can’t take a holiday from work and would like to experience camping during the weekend , or maybe you aren’t so comfortable hiking or camping at all but want to spend time in solitude surrounded by a chain of Himalayan Peaks and on the lap of MOTHER NATURE. Prashar Lake is such a 'hike'  which can be wrapped up within a weekend without compromising on the sheer beauty and richness that Himalayas has to offer.


Prashar Lake is located at a height of 2730m above sea level and is 40 km away from the town of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Prashar Lake is also a symbol of natural beauty which is overlooked by snow-draped peaks and is situated on the highest place of Mandi district. The Sage Prashar is supposed to have meditated at the bank of this lake and the lake houses three-tiered Pagoda style temple built up of a single Deodar tree dedicated to him.  This pagoda style temple located close to the lake is a fine example of Himalayan architecture and style and is a must visit for its mesmerising simplicity. 
Away from the chaos and hullabaloo of daily life and usual tourist spots, the lake is a much needed, desirable change. One can spend a whole day simply relaxing under the blue skies over looking the deep blue waters of the lake, at this place that serves as the EPITOME OF SPIRITUALITY, TRANQUILITY AND BREATHTAKING VIEWS.


For a die-hard nature lover, giving a miss to the natural majesty of Himachal Pradesh is an uphill task. Travellers coming to Himachal Pradesh always have an interesting experience to boast. The magnificent forts, shrines, monasteries-all beckon you to have a look at the rich historical and cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. It would be hard to ignore the exquisite valleys, mountains, wildlife destinations, springs and lakes as well. The captivating Himachal Pradesh Lakes form a much valued target for tourists coming here. Out of the several Himachal Lakes, Prashar Lake is one of the favourite amongst the tourists.

The lake is located at a comfortable altitude of just over 9,000 feet and makes for a perfect weekend trek with its proximity and good road connectivity with cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun. The best way to explore this paradisiacal land is by taking a trek from Baggi Village to Prashar lake. One can get the spectacular views of the Dhauladhar, Pirpinjal and Kinnaur peaks during the trek. As the lake is surrounded by small hillocks you need to walk 500 meters to reach the top and can have the first glimpse of the Lake and the temple. There is a small restaurant here that serves very simple food consisting of plain Rice , Rajma, Dal and pickle for lunch. There is also a guesthouse of the Forest department for which prior booking is required.  Camping here is a very good option too.  As you climb further up from Prashar Lake, the views keep getting better and better. Nothing beats a weekend snow trek!


For a perfect weekend getaway amidst nature, Prashar Lake in Himachal is a great option. Famous for its serene, tranquil and virgin landscape, this area has too much for the delight of  nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.  Prashar lake is truly the hidden gem of Mandi region, that must be explored.