The Magic Valley Travellers note in Waichin

With cool breeze about or not about to rainy weather.  On a Perfect lazy day with no rush, we decided to head to open grazing grounds with melting glaciers and cool campsites in a place we visited 4 years ago. 

An hour drive from Jari Village road to Malana dam 2 and then trek along the glaciers for an hour and to witness the magnificent site of Papsura and Dharmsura peaks. It's just an hour trek with beautiful views of high altitude trekking. In less than 2 hrs from Manikaran road, we reached an altitude from 1500 meters to 2800 meters. We took some pictures of our trek and adventures there. There are few good camping sites in Malana magic valley Waichin.

IMG 20190523 175240629 HDR 1
IMG 20190523 165736620 HDR 1

Important note Malana village and magic valley waichin are different locations but the trek starts for both from the same road but different points Malana known for various reasons. New things to Know the Malana village has recently started apple plantation one of the highest altitude apple orchards in the valley